Courtney Taddonio

Senior Copywriter based in Boston, MA

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Address Boston, MA

In kindergarten, I decided I wanted to have a library in my room and fill it with books I wrote. Then I started writing them and decided that, well, at least having one shelf full of books would be pretty cool. So at the age of five, I began to write story after story about colors, animals, my room, my family and—my personal favorite—socks. You name a topic, and I had written and illustrated a page-turner about it. Though I didn’t realize it then, that was when I first started to love working with words.

Once I grew up, I was ecstatic to discover the existence of a position called a copywriter. Being a copywriter means I get to put my passion for words to work within the world of big ideas. It means taking concepts and turning them into executions that convey a distinct message about a brand to a viewer.

As a Senior Copywriter at Go Ahead, I’m able to combine two of my favorite things every day: writing and travel.

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